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  • Very easy to use.

    - Ross
  • Love the website it is very user friendly.

    - Karen
  • This site was incredibly helpful in planning the move and unlike anyth... (read more)

    - Roxane
  • I like how the website is set up for the different rooms so it can be ... (read more)

    - Connie
  • I think it's great that you can get a quote online!

    - Jennifer
  • Great site - large selection pictures of all the items makes it easy

    - Andrew
  • I like the website a lot. Its really nice to be able to give so much ... (read more)

    - Mona
  • I like the fact you can do an inventory online without an onsite visit... (read more)

    - Caroline
  • Good site.

    - Abir
  • The website feature allows you to go room by room checking things off.... (read more)

    - Page